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Nike Air Max 90 EssentialThis golf club not only makes it extremely tough to slice the ball but it's really forgiving on mis-hits both from toe and heel, a recreational player will totally benefit from this golf club for those reasons. The technologic advances used on this club are remarkable but you won't even care when you swing it, it just feels so powerful and it's so simple to hit straight. If you want to boost spin and launch trajectories, what you do is engineer a driver from the ground up like Nike did with the SQ Dymo 2. Performance is maximized in every loft by varying various specifications from lie angle, to Moment Of Inertia (MOI) and Center of Gravity (CG) placement, to overall head size and face depth. Awesome look with a powerful sound and simplicity of movement is what square technology is all about. Each loft is treated as a separate type. They optimize the face height, lie angle and center of gravity to construct this awesome Driver.

Nike air huarache classic mensI had heard a little bit about the Nike Plus plugin on for the iPod Nano and decided to go ahead and buy one. First you need Nike shoes that have the +, meaning a hole under the inserts in the shoes. Then you have to buy the package for about $30 which includes a little plastic ball and a small plugin for the Nano. Once you have the ball in your shoe and the plugin on your iPod Nano, you are ready to go. A new field on your iPod main screen will appear called, "Nike Plus. "You have a few options with Nike Plus. You can build your own workout, set a "Power Song" to play, and select a man or women's voice among other options. The Nike Plus will keep track of how far you run, pace, and keep track of your record times. I even used it on the tread mill to compare how accurate it is and it really was dead on. I was pretty impressed.

nike air max 1 onlineOwning a Nike NFL Jersey is a given if you are a proclaimed fan of football. There is no better symbol of support than putting on a jersey similar to the one your favorite player wears, whether watching a game at the stadium, at a pub or at home. Most athletes appreciate this gesture and it helps them identify their fans from the crowd. Buying an NFL jersey is quite a task; you do not want to end up with just any jersey, you want to end up with the best jersey. I generally run mile before my workout and occasionally go for 3 mile runs outside. At first the Nike Plus was a lot of fun to use but after a week or two, I kind of lost the desire to even use it on my 1 mile warm-ups. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who runs 10+ miles per week. Otherwise you probably don't run enough to really need it. Plus if you don't already have shoes that use it, you'll have to buy a pair which can run anywhere between $70-$150. I'm pretty sure you could just put the plastic ball under your laces of other shoes but I'm not sure it would still work the same.

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