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pandora jewelry necklacesis a global jewelry company founded in Denmark. It sells customizable charm bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces in more than 50 countries. In 1982, Per and Winnie Enevoldsen opened a shop in the Norrebrogade area of Copenhagen. When the demand for their products increased, the couple shifted their focus to the wholesale business. In 1984, the couple opened a production facility in Thailand, Pandora Productions, and hired designer Lone Frandsen to help create a jewelry line. In 1996, Pandora - strictly a wholesale dealer by then - hired its second designer, goldsmith Lisbeth En? Larsen, who worked with Frandsen to create Pandora's signature style and customizable charm bracelet. Pandora Beads is a new jewelry in her name Pandora means in the mythology of the existence of evil in the world, so just heard this name, everyone will be attracted by its mysterious This is a stylish, classic, elegant jewelry. Pandora beads wholesale pandora beads you deserve!

pandora earrings rose goldJewelry from Denmark in 1982 founded a couple jewelry trend, the couple in Thailand in 1987 to establish their own jewelry manufacturing plant and stop retail business. In this way ensures that the design in accordance with their wishes. In 1996 Lisbeth Larsen, goldsmith joined the company, he formation of Pandora jewelry style played a decisive role. When in 1999 the Danish market in the magic of Pandora bracelet, consumers quickly accepted the idea of??Pandora, Pandora, along with the demand of foreign markets and gradually developed. Today, Pandora jewelry eighteen countries in the world with sales, because the huge demand, a large number of sales of Pandora jewelry making world-class brand. Today, Pandora jewelry eighteen countries in the world with sales, because the huge demand, a large number of sales of Pandora jewelry making world-class brand. Pandora now from 25 years ago, the two companies developed into a group, with its headquarters in Copenhagen, more than 100 people in North America, the service team, the factory in Thailand has more than 1, 000 production workers.

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