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  1. The Æsir The lords and conquerors of the nine worlds, who have both triumphed over and wrought worlds from the flesh of the titans themselves - they, who have striped both the knowledge and land that the Jotnar would greedily withhold from the world and shared it’s spoils with us gladly: They, who embody the ideals of war, cunning, valor and unquestionable power - are all that we aspire to be. Like them, we must take what we need from those who are too weak and pitiful to retain it, for they are not worthy. Like them, it is our right to indulge in the flesh of those who cannot resist, and take wives from husbands who are unworthy enough to hold them. Like them, we must plunder the knowledge of those who keep secrets, and share it with the world. Like them, we must learn to eat the meat and spit out the bones. Let the Jotnar grieve for their losses, and brood in bitterness as they contemplate vengeance for imagined slights - for, they are a foe already defeated: if they profess to hoard treasure, lore and beauty from the faithful of the Aesir, than we shall pillage them once again as the mighty divines in Asgard would to gain their favor... The Vanir If the Aesir represent the aspects of war, power and valor in this world, then the Vanir are beings intimately tied with nature, fertility, wisdom and prophecy. During the time when they were their own pantheon, and their all-father Njord and his children Freyr and Freyja ruled their lands, the Aesir came and demanded their secrets and magics be granted to them; however, Njord saw their ultimate demise in a vision during the twilight of the gods and refused, claiming that granting them their knowledge and magic would do little to aid the Aesir. Though, the Aesir could not be dissuaded and declared war upon the Vanir, for what they would not share willingly could be taken by force of arms and trials known to myth as the Aesir-Vanir War; the first and greatest of all wars as Odin hurled his spear into the host of Njord; dealing the first strike, claiming the first kill... They wared far longer than any mortal can imagine: The Vanir laying siege upon and breaking Aesir strongholds, the Aesir taking the son and daughter of the Vanir all-father as hostages, the Vanir boldly trampling upon the plains towards battle; beating their weapons against their shields as indomitable foes... Yet, the two tribes of gods tired of war, and conceded to meet in truce to parley; exchanging hostages and secrets to secure an alliance that would endure until the end times...
  2. What is Stagecraft? "Stagecraft" is a term created to represent a genre of online game where the game's antagonist A.I.'s are controlled and played by real people & players. Such as when a game like Gary's Mod, Minecraft or ARK is driven in a way where there are NPC type of MOBs being played by real people. This allows for GMs to live in a world and actually operate as the NPC Role with "powers" reflective of that role (powers in ark are recreated using admin commands and special mods that repurpose admin commands). Dark Age of Midgard, for example - is a Stagecrafted Setting. The primary antagonists (The Witches of Eardgeard and other Mythological Beasts & Beings) are played by Game Masters. Other roles less powerful, but still more so than a regular Player Character are performed by vetted Players who understand the rules of the role and most importantly the limitations. Imagine that any end level, or Named Boss in game you play is actually being played by a real person. If that Boss represents a character that "controls" the bad guys then you also have control over those assets as well - which can be actually A.I. NPCs or more Stagecrafters. As I said, this is a Stagecrafted world. In this world, the primary Stagecrafted roles are The Witches, 5 in all - The demipower Aeslaug the Dark, and 4 Primal Element Witches of Earth, Fire, Water, Air. Each Witch has her own agenda and allegiances and are roles to be played by people. Other Stagecrafted roles are the Grendels and a new Witch that is leads the Servants of Darkness. Stagecrafted roles will exist for all factions in accordance with the storyline. It is importnat that you understand these roles. They are to be looked at as you would any MMO or game you have played where you must battle a Boss and sometimes near boss level Minions. The Witches are Bosses, the Grendels and other Monsters are Minions. To attack one of these beings is to invite a retaliation from them that may include weapons and beasts that surpass your ability to defend against - in other words: When playing another game, like an MMO or game with End-Level/Game bosses, you recognize that you need to be a certain level and have certain equipment (often quest gear) to get the job done. The Stagecrafted roles are no different. Whether the role represents the forces of light or darkness - these are "Mobs" that you should approach with 2 ore more people and/or beasts to aid you. These Stagecrafted roles roam the world, engage in acts of expansion through agression, or diplomacy, and can change the flow of the world story by their ability to unite others in support of their cause. Choose carefully how you engage them, and please keep it in-character RP.
  3. Preface This is a player guide and resource to World of Beowulf (WoB), and is intended to provide an understanding of the world, allowing you to craft unique a character and tribe of your own using the content of this document as a resource for ideas and inspiration. If there is a character concept you have that isn’t represented here, please contact one of the GMs via discord to discuss the impact anything you have in mind would have upon the world and lore as it is presented, though we greatly encourage story consistency - so, be sure that whatever you have in mind is inspired by norse imagery, or would create interesting interactions with a norse world. Introduction You arrive in the land of Eardgeard - wild, untamed and mysterious; the land yearns to be tamed and shaped by the hands of those willing to live and work within it, and those with the ambition to carve out kingdoms upon its soil to enforce their will upon it. The mighty Aesir and Vanir held sway over Eardgeard, as it is a land of great import to their goals and interests in Midgard. However, the blackest shadow falls over the land as the clutches of darkness make way to usurp Eardgeard from the grasp of the gods; to twist and debase it hopes of cutting the gods away from the land - and, perhaps the whole of Midgard. What is your role in this? Where do you stand? Will you bend your knee to the evil that grips the land in terror, or will you rise and stand strong against this Darkness, pushing it back into the pool of black glass from which it crawled? Or will you simply choose to live your life, raise your animals, grow your crops, pay your taxes for protection if need be, and avoid the greater conflicts of the world knowing that no matter who rules, the simple needs will always be required and therein lies your role?
  4. Beneath Bifröst - the radiant, rainbow bridge of light which connects Asgard, the realm of the Aesir to Midgard, the realm of mortals - lies Forgeheimr; a mystic domain at the very edges of Midgard whose denizens are the great descendants of mortals who once coupled with otherworldly beings, such as: The Primal & Elemental Jotnar, Ingenious & Valiant Dwarves, The Long-lived & Elegant Elves, Dark & Malicious Daemons, Wicked Witches & Warlocks, Otherworldly & Dreamlike Faeries, Gruesome & Merciless Monsters and bastards of the very Aesir & Vanir themselves. It is song in great halls, that many of the gods themselves were born of the Jotnar - for, the primal beings at the dawn of time have spread far and wide in the time before time when there was naught but fire and ice - though, these Scions - as they are known to the beings in other worlds who watch them from afar, are more than mortal - yet, less than true inhuman kin, beings of other realms or demigods. True children of the gods, such as Thor; son of Odin & and the jötunn Jörð possess a pure heritage, undiminished by mortal blood or frailty - unlike the mighty Thor, these muddle-blooded progeny are many times removed from their unearthly relatives, whose blood kindles within their breasts like a fire before erupting in an mighty awakening - such folk find themselves forever changed, and vested with the power to shake Midgard to its very roots; becoming figures of awe and dread - glorious heroes and monsters made manifest astride the world of men, worthy of becoming great pawns of the gods and powers of the planes that might very well alter the flows and tides of fate... Lo', this is not to be - for Scions live in obscurity when in the world of men they would gain endless glory, spirited away by the Norns and secreted lest their otherworldly kin notice and draw them into their holds as family, tools, servants, soldiers, concubines, slaves, cattle or whatever whims those beyond the ken of men would put them to; it matters not, for the Norns - the three who decree the fate of both men and gods alike - have not allowed it to be. In Forgeheimr, they live anew, freed of their memories and woes - recollecting their purer instincts, and reveling in their true natures beyond their distant kin elsewhere. Given a chance to begin anew, many Scions live as they wished to before - finding a place for themselves in the world, and offering goods or services to enjoy the gilded cage they find themselves in - serving others as best they can, and creating homesteads, villages, towns and great kingdoms for their kind to unite and grow within. Others, brood... Dwelling upon their urges for carnage and conquest, wishing only to serve themselves and sate their urges, taking that which others cannot keep for themselves; whether it be possessions, beasts, livestock or the lives of other Scions themselves as they are either enslaved or killed as raids for flesh and blood are waged against others, so they may serve themselves. To the Scions, the legends of those who first to awoke in this realm being bastards of the gods themselves are merely that - stories, and superstitions; wild tales which grant them hope for greater things, opportunities and pastures to explore, settle or ravage. Though, there are always those who chase after these tales, spoken around campfires of travelers witnessing portents in the sky and majestic, unnatural creatures roaming the land with vibrant colors and auras. Some lone and insane Scions cease their endless ravings to murmur tales of the Faeries who enter this realm... Claiming that these unearthly beings glean the mystic ties that bind souls to others, sharing cryptic chimes and riddles which grant insight into one’s heritage, were one mad and possessed of the wonderlust to listen and follow the omens these strange, mystical beings offer as they flit in and out of the realm through fires, streams of water from lakes and waterfalls, gusts of wind, fierce blizzards and snowfall or the shadows cast by caves, trees and denizens of the realm; capturing faeries for a fortnight is even said to grant a wish to one bold enough to perform the task. Though, many say that dealings with the faeries only lead to despair and madness as none who may have succeeded in heeding the call of the Fae have come to tell the tale if they live to enjoy the spoils... Though the divine and powerful beings Scions share blood with may not know who their progeny are, they do watch; waiting for signs while whispering in the winds, stones and shadows to elicit urges, sending: visions, omens, avatars, terrors and temptations to test the people of Forgeheimer, a great game and sport to some greater beings for worthy tools and vessels of power exist, and another entity’s Scion may very well be used against a rival or foe should they discover them first by harming the descendant themselves, along with anyone or thing a they held dear - such, are the risks and perils of the Scions, and the gift of sanctuary the Norns grant them from the wars and games of the gods, jotnar, fae courts, witches and monsters. Although, some beings truly treasure and cherish their heirs - treating them as one might a distant family member, offering gifts or aid secretly to protect and empower their charges to survive in these harsh, unforgiving lands and guard them against godly foes should they rouse a rival’s ire. Know that seeking answers to questions best left unasked, and questing to regain memories or knowledge of ancestors to solve the mysteries of one’s bloodline is perilous - and, attention from beings with great power is never without cost, though the rewards and glory may be great should a Scion successfully claim their birthright, and ascend to the side of their true kin and grant all those who survive here hope...