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  1. Soul Worker Dzenai There are some max level 4 player versions of dungeons in Blade Soul. That smooth style meets dynamic function thanks to a brand new black and gold interface which lets players customize their screen with sliding inputs and queue up to six actions in a rotating "revolver" slot for faster more strategic combat.. These accounts normally go for $120/year or $19.99/mo and are the highest tier accounts available from Vypr. These items are most times associated with quests but there are several exceptions that just can not be stored in the warehouse. The Assassin class will use a dagger and a whip chain as their weapons. People who has to study to work to date to take care of their kids who wants to hang out with friends and family etc. That's just the start of an extensive change list that will also introduce in game social networking weapon transformations greater PvP rewards and much more! Playing as both powerful damage dealers and team supporters the Cloud Summers usually improve their team's strength and turn the tide of the battle.Cheap SoulWorker Dzenai This probably seems terribly familiar but Soulworker builds on come common concepts and fuses it with a free form combo system.. As for the overseas version we are going to hire some of the popular voice actors in Japan! We are also trying to make an Animation cutscenes with a Japanese studio that will be available in all the versions. See more of the Soul Worker game details in https://www.mmocs.com/soul-worker-dzenai/ now.. all of you will get cheap Soul Worker Dzenai from us!