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  1. why most gamer prefer pc gaming?

    PC is very flexible. Although sometimes it is often up to earth problems to scorch the contents of your wallet, . The question is do you want a machine that can play almost any game from old school to date, and it all depends on your own wishes? or locked in a mold machine that every 5 years later support for the game stops being replaced by its new generation? All back to you. 2. PC games have unlimited options. It's different if you have mind points of "I have my own taste," because playing around with unlimited options is not for everyone, and some people just want something that works right (like entering a dvd game and playing). On the other hand, if you play Far Cry 3 on the console, the visual side of the computer graphics is definitely nothing compared to the PC version. While other things like NVIDIA's physx exist only in the pc version, as the game "Mirror's edge" console version will not appear physx effects it. besides that pc game excess is available various kinds of mod. 3. PC can run game console with emulator. This is often forgotten by many people. PCs can run the ever-successful console games in the past, with all their effort and effort. If you miss playing rare games like Wizards & warriors, mario bross, Mega Man, Berzerk then no need to look for the Atari 2600 model console machine, the original NES engine to the point of buying a ding dong machine. Live You are looking for software emulator and some ROMs or flash or java site like www.letsplaysnes.com You can already play those games conveniently on PC. 4. Keyboard and Mouse is the best controller. 5. PC can also use gamepad. If you have a xbox360 gamepad, just plug it into your PC then games like Dead space and Gears of War will soon detect it automatically and you can play it using the gamepad. 6. The console machine lasts only a few years, while the pc game is forever.
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