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Ark: World of Beɪɵwʊlf


  1. WoB @ Discord   (360 visits to this link)

    Join us on Discord for text chat or voice!  If you hearing problems or are mic-less, be happy to know that nearly everyone chooses text chat over voice on the WoB Discord server.

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  2. Sé WæferCræft - [The StageCraft]

    The Stagecrafted Roles of World of Beowulf - Specific roles played by GM or Live NPC - Insight into some of the abilities of these characters and history.

  3. Village Scíenes Box [Suggestions]

    Do you have a suggestion on how to help improve the experience in WoB?  Post your suggestion so that a discussion can take place.

  4. Téarian Wælcyrie Tavern

    Welcome to the Tavern where the hearth is warm, the mead strong and the conversation wilde.  Introduce yourself In-Character and strike up a conversation