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Manchester City lost to Liverpool in the Champions League game this week

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But I still have similar qualities as before, such as speed and finishing power." O'Bameyan has a special insight on football and transfer. “My advice to young people is always what I have practiced. You need to create opportunities for success yourself, not to expect others to give. You need to give yourself a chance to  FIFA Coins fight for your own goals. I will always work hard and I believe in painstaking efforts. This is why I switched to Arsenal.

Manchester City lost to Liverpool in the Champions League game this week. Before this weekend's Premier League match against Manchester United, Guarantor was once again asked about the defeat of the Champions League. Guardiola said: "The defeat was a blow to us. We will face severe challenges next Tuesday.We replayed the game after the match, and Liverpool have been very strong at home.We played very hard and it was perfect in the first 25 minutes of the second half, but eventually we could not In order to score a goal, we faced an opponent with a different defensive strategy than Liverpool, but we will follow the established plan to fight for our own football."

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