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    I don t worry about em, no, Brady told O Donnell in the CBS Sunday Morning interview. I mean, I m not oblivious to em. I mean, I understand the risks that, you know, come with... the physical nature of our game.

    O Donnell sat down with Brady at his TB12 Sports Therapy Center, near Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts, and she also conducted his first at home network television interview outside of Boston. The quarterback shared details of his life at home with his wife and kids, his training and diet program, his business partner and body coach Alex Guerrero, and his new book https://www.patriotsnefans.com/dion-lewis-jersey-c-62.html, The TB12 Method How to Achieve a Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance, which is published by Simon Schuster a division of CBS .

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    Brady is now 40 years old and in his 18th season. He s been successful far longer than rival quarterbacks having won five Super Bowls , and shows no signs of letting up. The quarterback told O Donnell that this is not his last season, for sure. He hopes to be healthy and 45 before making that decision.

    I do wanna go out on my terms Jason Thompson Jersey, Brady said. I do wanna go out playing my best.

    His strategy is focusing on something he calls pliability, which he says is lengthening and softening of muscles. Brady said the system has made him quicker now than when he started playing football.

    Brady said the The TB12 Method is for anyone seeking to live a healthier lifestyle, not just elite quarterbacks.

    I think some people may be able to do some things better than I can, Brady said. Hopefully they don t throw the football better than me, which is what I m really trying to do.

    His thoughts about staying healthy and playing come at a time when there s been a lot of discussion about the impact of concussions on players. Asked what impact studies about concussions will have on the NFL, Brady told O Donnell, I don t know what the https://www.patriotsnefans.com/marcus-cannon-jersey-c-63.html  future is gonna look like, you know, and I m not gonna pretend to predict it. And I m gonna do everything I can to take care of my body in advance of the, you know, of the hits that I m gonna take on Sunday.
    In May Bündchen had talked to Charlie Rose about her husband

    He had a concussion last year. I mean, he has concussions pretty much every I mean, we don t talk about but he does have concussions. ... I don t really think it s a healthy thing for your body to go through.

    Tune in Friday, Sept. 15 on CBS This Morning for a preview of the interview. O Donnell s full report wi

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    Asked for the advice



     Corset Manufacturer China she would

    en can vary by up to FOUR INCHES...




    She continued: 'You need a good sports bra, you need a black lace bra. Would you wear a black lace bra to the gym? Absolutely not, and if you did, you shouldn't. But going out for a lovely dinner with your husband, boyfriend, lover, would you wear a hideous sports bra? Absolutely not. Wear your lovely black lace bra.

    'You wouldn't be tottering around the park in your fabulous 9cm brand new, beautiful suede shoes, you would wear trainers.'

    Celebrity choice: Princess Diana and Katie Holmes both bought their wedding trousseau f

    give other women, Aliza said underwear should be collected, just like shoes.




    cheap lingerie china nuts,' Eliza said. 'You don't wear one pair of shoes all the time so why would you wear one bra?'





    All set for summer! Harry's girl Meghan Markle sets pulses...

    Has your sun cream GONE OFF? Doctor reveals how to tell...

    'Daddy loves you': Father whose brain tumour left him unable...Revealed: How a size tm Janet Reger +7

    Supermodel Helena Christensen models a swimsuit from Reger by Janet Reger at Debenhams +7

    Celebrity choice: Princess Diana, left, bought her wedding trousseau from Janet Reger. Right, supermodel Helena Christensen models a swimsuit from Reger by Janet Reger at Debenhams

    Another 'horrible' habit Aliza wants to stomp out is the way many women put on their bras back to front before 'swivelling' them around their body.


    Do not

    'Put a bra on back to front and swivel round - this is horrible,' Aliza said.


    'Put both arms through the straps, put the straps on your shoulders, bend down and let your boobs fall into the cups.

    'When they are inside the cups, come back up and reach behind to fasten, you may need a bit of practice to do this.

    'If for any reason you are unable to bend down or reach backwards then do this: Do the bra up at the front but have it around your waist and then gently raise it up an pull the straps up, this should cause less twisting and a better shape than doing it up under your chest back to front.'

    She said: 'Instead put both arms through the straps, put the straps on your shoulders, bend down and let your boobs fall into the cups.

    'If for any reason you are unable to bend down or reach backwards then do this: Do the bra up at the front but have it around your waist and then gently raise it up and pull the straps up, this should cause less twisting and a better shape than doing it up under your chest back to front.'

    Janet Reger revolutionised the British woman's underwear drawer when she launched her collection in the 1960s, offering shoppers unashamedly flirty French lace knickers at a time when stores were stocked with utilitarian styles fashioned from flesh-coloured nylon.

    'The niche that the Reger brand is in is the luxury, glamorous, spoil yourself,' Aliza said. 'We're not pretending to be sporty or the practical element - you know, everybody needs a new t-shirt bra because that's what you need - but that's not what we do.

    Janet Reger with daughter Aliza +7

    Janet Reger +7

    Pioneer: Janet Reger, pictured right and left with daughter Aliza, revolutionised the British woman's underwear drawer when she launched her lacy, feminine designs in the 1960s

    'They come looking for a bridal bra, they come looking for a beautiful, glamorous pretty, something that's a little bit different, something that's going to make them feel good. Something they're going to put in their bag and you know take it out when they get home and think "oh, that's so lovely".'

    Sultry: Joan Collins posing in Janet Reger +7

    Sultry: Joan Collins posing in Janet Reger

    The brand's colourful bra and knickers sets went on to attract a string of celebrity clients, including Paris Hilton, Bianca Jagger and Jerry Hall. Katie Holmes even bought her entire wedding trousseau from the Janet Reger range.

    Reflecting on the secret to the brand's longevity, Aliza explained it was a mixture of its history and its willingness to adapt. A diffusion line of lingerie and swimwear is available at Debenhams.

    Aliza said: 'I think we are now considered a British heritage brand and we have been around for so long that there is an element of trust and I think it is very important to keep reinventing yourself, keep reinventing what you do.'

    Growing up so intimately with the brand - 'It is part of me,' Aliza said - means she has become a veritable expert in the field of women's underwear, and is what has attracted A-list celebrities to the Reger brand.

    Music icons Madonna and Tina Turner and Hollywood heavyweights Elizabeth Taylor, Joan Collins and Nicole Kidman are just a handful of the previous clients Aliza can reel off the top of her head.

    Aliza revealed how when it comes to A-list clients, each needs a different approach.

    Ultimate luxury: The Janet Reger boutique on Bond Street in 1983 +7

    Ultimate luxury: The Janet Reger boutique on Bond Street in 1983

    The Saudi Arabian princesses, for example, wanted to be advised on the best pieces to purchase.


    Always wear matching bra and knickers

    Always wear the correct size

    Always wear the right underwear or lingerie for the moment

    Always wear clean underwear, this is a deal breaker. Bras are not worn worn for another day and knickers most definitely are not

    Always wear a sports bra in the gym or for any sporting activities. My pet hate is seeing women in the gym flopping all over the place

    Have all different types of lingerie and underwear in your drawers, different clothes need different functionality

    Buy new lingerie regularly and get a proper fitting at least once a year, Debenhams have a great fitting service in their lingerie departments

    If you need a little treat, buy new lingerie as it won't cost as much as an entire new outfit but will still give you the same buzz

    Some bras are worn to be seen, some are not, those that should not be seen, should not be seen.

    Be careful of massively padded bras which promise to boost your cup size by at least 3 cup sizes, often it's not a good look

    Aliza recalled: 'We would go with shade cards every day because they would want new colours - and they spent fortunes.'

    Meanwhile original rock chick Courtney Love required personalised service when she visited London.

    'I remember having to go to the Lanesborough [Hotel, in Knightsbridge] with one of my assistants. She wanted everything brought to her.... She was very larger than life.'

    There was no such fuss for Lady Diana Spencer, who came to the legendary Knightsbridge boutique following her engagement to Prince Charles in 1981.

    'Princess Diana came into the shop when she was engaged, she came in and bought her trousseau,' Aliza revealed.

    Now as the brand looks to the future, Aliza has turned her attention to bringing the luxury and sumptuousness the Reger name is known for into homeware. A new line of linens, fragrances and collectibles will be launching in collaboration with a major British retailer next year.

    Reflecting on what her beloved late mother would have made of the brand's milestone celebrations, she added: 'I don't think she would have questioned it would still be here 50 years on...

    'She saw the 21st anniversary, the 25th anniversary, she saw 35 years... I don't think she would have been hugely surprised to know we are still around.

    'It is quite emotional and I would like to think that it will continue after me.'


    Bras have adjustments on them for a reason, use the back adjusters and back hook adjustment to get the perfect fit.

    T-shirts require t-shirt bras, while a black bra under a white shirt is never a good look

    If you are going to show your bra or bra strap, make sure its pretty

    Wear the correct size to avoid bulging out at the top to create the famous four boob look. If you lose weight, your breasts will get smaller so make sure you get remeasured

    Not every brand sizes/cuts in the same way. Not every size 5 shoes fits the same, nor does a bra, try them on before you buy

    Sort your underwear drawers into colour and function. It will be easier to find what you need to go with every outfit

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    Anna, Here, 2 weeks ago

    DM , how much did you pay for this article? Because I (or almost anyone else commenting here) could have written a much more lucid and informative piece than this little infomercial. Princess Diana is mentioned as a value-added bit of clickbait, I suppose.

    018Click to rate

    Gretchen Alexander, New Orleans, United States, 2 weeks ago

    She gives no reason WHY not to put on a bra that way. I have done it that way and no problems. Why create more work by reaching behind and trying to hook the hooks? Ridiculous!

    656Click to rate

    PinkCupcake007, Omaha, United States, 2 weeks ago

    Always wear matching bra and underwear? Who cares? I don't and my boyfriend certainly doesn't care. I guess to each their own.

    237Click to rate

    Infraprods, BROOKLYN, United States, 2 weeks ago

    Good advice for guys - don't pee and then swivel toward the urinal. Face in the right direction before you start. Much better advice I think than the whole bra swivel bit I think.

    024Click to rate

    You know what you shouldn't do. Take advice from nitwit bra retailers.

    438Click to rate

    Roses are Red, Manchester, United Kingdom, 2 weeks ago

    Having put my bra on this way for nigh on 60 years, I'm not about to change now. Especially not when told it's wrong (but not why!) by some pretentious woman who sells stuff we mere mortals can't afford. About the only thing on which I do agree with her is having lots of bras. I have over 20 of various colours and styles. I first started to behave like a kid in a sweetshop with them when I discovered, after years of being restricted to Doreen, (ladies of a certain age will remember those days) that even we ladies with more than our fair share up top had a much wider range to choose from.

    351Click to rate

    Denny, London, United Kingdom, 2 weeks ago

    When you get much older and less flexible it is not possible to force your arms up your back to tie up the straps. As for putting it on around your waist, that will only work if you are pear shaped not appled shaped. I always front and twist. I used lashing of moisturiser under my boobs first to ease the back strap movement as it slides round and stop any friction or tensio that can stretch the materials. It's the only way or I go bra-less and bruise my knees.

    030Click to rate

    Holly Bush, Loughborough, United Kingdom, 2 weeks ago

    So in one breath she says not to do your bra up at the front and in the next if you can't bend and then you can!

    122Click to rate

    JenniferJane, Harrogate, United Kingdom, 2 weeks ago

    Didn't know anyone did that! Why would you?

    224Click to rate


    36Click to rate

    skiwolf, Lake Tahoe, United States, 2 weeks ago

    Everyone I've ever known does the back to front move - I've lived in dorms, been on sports teams, and spent a lot of time in locker rooms over the last half century!

    016Click to rate

    Gen. Harry Flashman, Kabul, Afghanistan, 2 weeks ago

    Joan Collins in that gear, wow.

    414Click to rate

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    Spark-les will fly! Made In Chelsea's Georgia Toffolo dresses to impress in a silver sequinned midi as she heads for a blind date in London

    Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid both tease a look at their incredibly toned abs in barely-there bikini tops... as they ride a speedboat in Mykonos

    Doting mother Madonna hugs daughter Mercy James as she opens children's facility in Malawi hospital in honour of the 11-year-old

    'It's nauseating... I can't believe it!' Janet Street-Porter SLAMS the Beckhams over Harper's controversial tea party at Buckingham Palace

    Lottie Moss continues to show off her washboard stomach and new 'Not yours' inking on her peachy posterior as she hits the beach in Ibiza in tiny teal bikini

    Kris Jenner, 62, shirks family woes as she shops with beau Corey Gamble, 36... amid claims son Rob 'threatened to kill himself'

    Love Island's Mike Thalassitis makes VERY lewd sex confession about Jessica Shears... after the pair firmly denied rumours of a romp

    Love Island's Olivia Buckland flaunts her slender pins in sizzling red bikini as she packs on the PDA with fianc�� Alex Bowen during Spanish breakaway

    Is she the 'cute' girl he threw his family in the 'trash' for? Jesse Williams is 'dating' Minka Kelly... after rapping in Jay Z video about infidelity

    A smooch for you and one for U2! Bono plants kisses on a bevy of beauties as he joins friends for lunch in Mayfair

    With or without them

    Lauren Goodger makes EXPLOSIVE claims that she was 'seeing ex Mark Wright at the same time as his wife Michelle Keegan in 2012'

    Not letting it slow her down! Jennifer Garner heads to gym in early morning hours day after ex Ben Affleck enjoyed romantic date with Lindsay Shookus


    Wild woman! Jennifer Lopez goes naked with palm leaves hiding her assets as Ni T�� Ni Yo music video makes its debut

    Looking good

    Hugh Grant brands Donald Trump Jr a 'w****r' in a Twitter post picturing the US President's son holding a sawn off elephant's tail during a 2010 hunting trip

    Meet the man she left for Ben Affleck: Lindsay Shookus' ex is Late Night With Seth Meyers producer Kevin Miller who she has known for 15 YEARS

    Retired Brazil legend Ronaldo Lu��s Naz��rio de Lima reveals fuller physique as he enjoys relaxing beach break in Ibiza

    She gave back the diamond, the Ferrari and the Lambo: Blac Chyna says she returned Rob Kardashian's gifts because 'he can't buy me'

    Love Island fans brand Gabby a 'snake' after she complains to Marcel that Alex and Montana are trying to 'take our place'... amid Blazin' Squad reunion rumours

    SPOILER ALERT: 'It was more than one cuddle': Love Island's Camilla and Jamie set tongues wagging over steamy night in the Hideaway

    She loves a good bargain! Model Behati Prinsloo tries to keep a low profile in hat and sunglasses while searching for clothes at a flea market

    'I came up to you trying to be nice, you stupid b****: Bodycam video captures Shia LaBeouf's foul-mouthed tirade directed at cops who arrested him for public drunkenness in Georgia

    Too hot for a bra! Kim Kardashian leaves her lingerie at home to model see-through white tank top as the temperature rises in NYC

    Rainbow rock star! Pink struts her stuff in a multi-colored striped skirt as she navigates the streets of NYC in 7-inch platform heels

    Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth's music video for See You Again overtakes Gangnam Style to become most-viewed video on YouTube

    EXCLUSIVE: The Biggest Loser CANCELLED, claims show's resident doctor Robert Huizenga, who blames contestant who alleged he gave illegal weight loss drugs on set

    '1984 only gets stranger': Stranger Things' eerie teaser and poster released ahead of October return

    Netflix announce second season

    Revealed: Jennifer Garner 'confronted Ben Affleck's girlfriend Lindsay Shookus about long-term affair back in 2015'

    Shock claims

    Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio parades her svelte figure and washboard abs in skimpy white bikini as she relaxes on a lavish yacht in Ibiza

    Queen Letizia looks chic as she and King Felipe set off for first UK state visit and three-day Brexit charm offensive where they'll meet British royalty and Theresa May

    Kiernan Shipka dons tank top with funky denim at Studio City farmer's market... ahead of shoot for new horror film

    'Not yours': Lottie Moss unveils enigmatic new tattoo on her perky posterior as she hits the beach in skimpy bronze bikini in Ibiza

    New inking

    'I'm getting emotional!': Susanna Reid leaves Piers Morgan horrified as she puts on an affectionate display with Bill Turnbull when they're reunited on GMB

    Feeling a bit Cros-by? Barefaced Charlotte looks a little glum as she steps out in the rain in stylish workout gear in London

    Low key

    'Adorable like her mummy': Binky Felstead melts hearts as she shares sweet snap of newborn daughter India

    New mum

    EXCLUSIVE: 'I got it so wrong. I really neglected her': X Factor champ Ben Haenow reveals fame nearly destroyed his relationship with fianc��e Jessica

    Blac Chyna threatens to sue 'side piece' Rarri True if he posts naked pictures of her online after she is granted restraining order against Rob Kardashian

    Pretty in pink! Sarah Hyland shows off her toned midriff in bra-lette and open jacket in Los Angeles

    Modern lady

    SPOILER ALERT: 'I've got huge b***s that don't need to be chopped!': Big Brother's Charlotte rages at Chanelle after discovering she slammed her

    Busty Ashley James sizzles in sexy snap as she shows off her envy-inducing curves in skimpy gold strapless bikini

    Golden girl

    'We're all in the same boat': Kimberley Walsh gushes about 'great' new mum Cheryl as she reveals their baby sons have regular play dates

    Best of friends

    Kieran Hayler cringes over 'hard to watch' scenes on his new reality show with Katie Price... as she shocks by calling her children 'd***heads'

    Amber Davies' mum reveals watching her daughter's steamy sex sessions is 'tricky'... as she admits she doesn't think she and Kem will win Love Island

    Looking mint! Busty Vicky Pattison shows off her sensational slimline figure in light green swimsuit as she poses for sexy shoot in Majorca

    'Lovely moments': Cristiano Ronaldo sweetly cradles his newborn baby as he cosies up to 'pregnant' girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez

    LONDON, ENGLAND - MAY 23: Kirstie Allsopp attends Chelsea Flower Show press day at Royal Hospital Chelsea on May 23, 2016 in London, England. (Photo by Jeff Spicer/WireImage)

    'You f***wits!' Kirstie Allsopp blasts Twitter users who called her a 'snob' for saying it's 'disgusting' to have a washing machine in your kitchen

    Olympic gymnast Max Whitlock and childhood sweetheart Leah Hickton make first appearance as husband and wife at Wimbledon days after tying the knot

    Kimberley Garner, 27, looks sensational in a tiny black bikini as she cosies up to F1 driver Lance Stroll, 18, on ��200million superyacht in Italy

    'Box office boss!': Deadpool wears a Wonder Woman pendant in Ryan Reynolds' Instagram shout-out to Gal Gadot as her movie outperforms his

    She's on fire! Bella Thorne dresses down in a quirky flame-motif shirt and ripped jeans as she touches down at LAX

    The new Jordan Barrett? Australian male model Nick 'The Prince' Truelove, 18, has already walked for Versace, Ralph Lauren, and Armani (and yes, that is his real name!)

    'Is Simon Cowell your Dad?': Holly Willoughby posts gushing birthday tribute to her father Terry in throwback snap... as fans question her family tree

    'It wasn't built on truth': Jay Z admits his relationship with Beyonce started 'cracking' and reveals working things out was 'the hardest thing ever'

    Demi Lovato shows off her edgy side as she dons graffiti jacket at Break Room 86... before dropping new single Sorry Not Sorry

    Come fly with me! Duke of Cambridge joins Carol Vorderman to watch a spectacular air display honouring the Battle of Britain planes in Lincolnshire

    Making a racket! Stylish Ruth Wilson cheers on the players as she joins actor Oliver Lavery to watch the action at Wimbledon

    Sporting action

    'I didn't mean it!': Jenny Eclair accuses Lorraine Kelly of calling her 'large' after underwear-clad dancing clip... before revealing she's MARRIED

    'Throw her outfits overboard': Twitter slams stylist Trinny Woodall's oversized nautical top as mocking Phillip Schofield likens her to a 'sailboat'

    'Crazy amount of love for you': Peter Andre pays tribute to wife Emily MacDonagh in gushing social media post on second wedding anniversary

    Kim Kardashian set pulses racing as she headed to dinner in NYC with her BFF Jonathan Cheban aka The Foodgod on Monday. They were joined by pal Simon Huck and Kim's assistant Stephanie. Kim left her shirt at home, instead opting for just a Gucci Ghost Bra, which was entirely see through, and a Blazer over her shoulders. She wore a tight pair of velveteen leggings and clear heels as they headed to Milos Mediterranean Seafood Restaurant in Midtown. \n

    \nPictured: Kim Kardashian\nRef: SPL1535683 100717 
    \nPicture by: 247PAPS.TV / Splash News

    \nSplash News and Pictures
    \nLos Angeles: 310-821-2666
    \nNew York: 212-619-2666
    \nLondon: 870-934-2666


    Peekaboob! Kim Kardashian barely contains her assets in sheer Gucci bra...adding velvet leggings and blazer for dinner in NYC

    Hardly a cover up

    Bianca Gascoigne flaunts her sizzling curves in a tiny olive-green bikini as she joins busty Chloe Goodman during holiday in Cyprus

    Double trouble

    Chic Ellie Goulding is a vision in a figure-hugging blue lace dress as she leads the stars in attendance at Wimbledon

    Ace look

    'Another day in the sun': Kate Wright showcases her famous curves in skimpy pink bikini as her romance with Rio Ferdinand heats up

    Britney Spears has held 'secret discussions' about performing the Super Bowl LII halftime show in 2018

    In talks

    So nice, they wore it twice! Arnie's boy Patrick Schwarzenegger and model girlfriend Abby Champion step out wearing baggy white T-shirts

    'I used to think I was stupid and slow': Princess Victoria of Sweden follows in Harry's footsteps by revealing battles with anxiety and dyslexia

    Jess Wright proudly shares a snap of her little sister Natalya posing in swimwear... after the 16-year-old landed a modelling contract

    Open and free! Love is blooming! Ben Affleck and striking beauty Lindsay Shookus went to italian restaurant for a romantic dinner july 10, 2017 /X17online.com

    That's Amore! Ben Affleck and new girlfriend Lindsay Shookus look simply smitten as they step out for a romantic Italian dinner together

    Michael Douglas makes rare appearance with his convict son Cameron to visit father Kirk in Beverly Hills... after his offspring avoided being jailed

    A really wild show! Prince Charles comes face-to-face with a Zulu warrior during a visit to a military museum on the third day of his Welsh tour

    'Hopefully I don't get rejected too many times lol': James 'Arg' Argent finally confirms he is taking part in the new series of Celebs Go Dating

    'I suffered a lot of side effects': Love Island's Jessica Shears admits to getting TROLLED over her 'weird' boobs and confirms she's 'found a surgeon'

    'Here's to so many more!' Carrie Underwood celebrates seventh wedding anniversary with Mike Fisher


    'I don't have breasts, so why do I have to pretend I do?': US star Kathy Bates reveals she's proud of her flat-chest following double mastectomy

    'I refuse to get unfit!': Pregnant Sam Faiers shows off hergruelling workout... 'after turning down six-figure sum to keep second baby news private'

    Red hot! Busty Rita Ora sets pulses racing in plunging scarlet gown with saucy thigh-high split as she heads home from Cartier bash in London

    Buckingham Palace isn't a theme park! Fergie fends off critics of York family's 'tawdry' party for the Beckhams insisting it was 'small and private tea'


    MailOnline iPad app


    They'll be Gone With The Wind! Hundreds of Vivien Leigh's treasured items to go under the hammer - including her copy of the book that inspired the film

    Next stop, Clarence House! David Walliams dresses as a bus conductor as he joins Duchess of Cornwall fo tea party celebrating her children's book project

    Pregnant Ferne McCann shows off her baby bump and holiday tan in a chic white ensemble as she returns to Essex from Mallorca

    Bikini-clad WAGs Rebekah Vardy and Kimberly Crew show off their svelte physiques as footballers Joe Hart, Wayne Bridge and Jamie Vardy team up

    'She wasn't lying about being a freak in the sheets!': Camilla shocks Love Island fans as she 'romps' with Jamie and sprays perfume on her pants

    'He really idolised me': Rebecca Adlington reveals ex-husband Harry Needs once questioned his feelings towards her... as she declares herself too famous for dating sites

    Love Island's Tyla calls time on her romance with 'mopey' Jonny ... while viewers brand the split 'karma' for what he did to Camilla

    Not The One

    Tamara Ecclestone is criticised for posing with a horse with its mane dyed pink and a unicorn horn stuck to its head as she treats daughter to fairytale party

    Kris Jenner, 61, flashes her legs with toyboy Corey Gamble, 36, in Italy... as it's revealed son Rob Kardashian 'threatened to kill himself with a gun'

    'Happily Ever After!': Melrose Place alum Josie Bissett, 46, marries Thomas Doig at a charming winery in Washington

    Big day

    Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna 'agree to share physical custody of daughter Dream' as star is granted a restraining order against her ex

    Bikini-clad Imogen Thomas shows off her toned curves as she enlists daughters Ariana and Siera to model her new swimwear collection

    'Striving to be the best I can be, but love who I am now': Davina McCall, 49, shares side-by-side shots of her abs and 'mummy tummy' in inspirational post

    The right direction! Brooklyn Beckham debuts brand new tattoo of an antique compass on his left forearm in artsy Instagram post

    Frankie says relax! The Saturdays star Bridge flaunts her gym-honed frame in a barely-there coral bikini while on a sun-drenched break in Portugal

    'Would you like to see my dragons?': Game of Thrones' Kit Harington appears in rib-tickling 'leaked' auditions tapes for hilarious Jimmy Kimmel sketch

    Alicia Vikander is summer chic in white floral dress and mirrored shades as she heads to the shops in Ibiza without beau Michael Fassbender

    'She's a real sweetheart': Andre Agassi opens up about meeting the Duchess of Cambridge (but admits he doesn't understand the royal family)

    'Bunny, do you know who that is?' Katie Price shows her young children COMPLETELY TOPLESS pictures from her raunchy modelling heyday

    PICTURE EXCLUSIVE Come on baby, let's get away! Beaming Janet Jackson dotes over little Eissa on first Escapade to New York after marriage split

    Showing Affleck-tion! Shirtless Casey cosies up to stunning girlfriend Floriana Lima as they enjoy romantic getaway in Italy

    Stand by your Dan! Svelte Holly Willoughby puts on a VERY loving display with her husband as they cuddle up at British Summer Time festival

    Paris Jackson displays her signature style in midriff-flashing crop top and harem trousers as she visits a charity in LA with manager Tom Hamilton

    'My gigs are going to be intimate': Niall Horan favours a small venue for his only Australian show as part of Flicker Sessions international tour

    Something on her mind? Iggy Azalea looks strained as she leaves Hollywood restaurant... after complaining Def Jam won't release any more singles

    Simply heavenly! Miranda Kerr cuts an angelic figure in a chic white dress as she promotes beauty clinic company Yuri Takano while in Tokyo

    Make-up free Katy Perry puts on a busty display in a bright striped bikini as she takes a daring plunge into the sea during beach day in Amalfi

    Blac Chyna smiles after being granted restraining order following claims Robert Kardashian punched her in front of her son and threatened to kill himself

    'Watch this...': Richard Hammond seen speeding off in ��2m electric supercar moments before horror crash in tense trailer of The Grand Tour

    Quick change Kate! Photo reveals how thrifty Duchess wore ��39.99 dress from ZARA to sister Pippa's wedding (before changing into McQueen)

    Miranda Kerr looks radiant while posing under a Japanese umbrella in a full-length floral frock at beauty event in Tokyo


    Axed Big Brother star Kayleigh Morris teases a look at her ample assets and pert derriere as she slips into a saucy curve-enhancing latex dress

    He's hopping off! Steve Whitmire is no longer voicing Kermit The Frog after working on The Muppets for nearly 27 years

    Bowing out

    Putting North to work! Kim Kardashian enlists daughter to model new shoe line... as she unveils skimpy kids bikini

    Family business

    Move over Kendall and Gigi! Oscar De La Hoya and Ricky Schroder's kids lead cast of new show chronicling lives of aspiring models who have famous parents

    Juggling act! Megan Fox manages to look casual cool in white vest and leggings on outing with Brian Austin Green and their three sons

    Family fun

    Long flight? Ansel Elgort smiles while arriving in Sydney before Baby Driver's Australian premiere... but his girlfriend Violetta Komyshan looks tired

    Relegated to the cheap seats! Carole and Pippa Middleton are ousted from the royal box as tardy Pippa misses Murray's best bits after showing up late

    Ouch! Pregnant Kim Murray massages her back as she cheers husband Andy to victory in a ��65 maternity smock from S��raphine

    I think you're ACE! Zara and Mike serve up a very playful PDA in the Royal Box (and she even inspects his head for sunburn)

    Did FERGIE arrange Harper's birthday tea party at Buckingham Palace? David Beckham defends daughter's royal welcome from Eugenie

    She's lovin' it! Gigi Hadid and her pals hit a drive-through McDonald's for a take out lunch after a morning of retail therapy

    Fast food trip

    Coordinated couple! Ben Affleck and his new girlfriend Lindsay Shookus step out for coffee date after producer 'moves into his LA home'

    Busting out! Jon Hamm's rumoured squeeze Jenny Slate takes the plunge in tight silk dress in New York City

    Rumoured romance

    'Kiss my butt 36': Jessica Simpson celebrates 37th birthday by posting very sexy topless pool snap in thong bikini bottoms

    'It's not healthy to b***h all day!' BB's Chanelle is left RAGING after 'rude' housemate Sue Evans slams her for 'paranoia' over her ' enhancements'

    'All who survive should get tattoos': GoT's Nikolaj Coster-Waldau smolders in photo shoot as he reveals cast may be getting inked for final season

    Alessandra Ambrosio shows off her toned figure in a skimpy purple bikini with rainbow streaks in her hair as she holidays in Ibiza

    Hot stuff

    Kylie Jenner and beau Travis Scott make a swift exit from date night at upscale London eatery after spotting Scott Disick's one-time fling Ella Ross

    'There's crazy strong chemistry': Nina Dobrev packs on the PDA with actor Glen Powell at Julianne Hough's wedding amid claims they're 'dating'

    Julianne Hough cosies up to new husband Brooks Laich in strapless wedding gown as pictures emerge from their star-studded Idaho nuptials

    A walk on the mild side! New mum Zooey Deschanel dons tight denim shorts as she goes for a stroll in the park with baby Charlie Wolf

    She bangs! Sofia Vergara celebrates turning 45 by debuting new fringe... as Joe Manganiello toasts 'mi amor'

    Fringe benefits

    Katie Price gives a glimpse into her wacky home life in sneak preview of new reality show as a sheep PEES in husband Kieran Hayler's face

    Jim Carrey AGAIN attacked by mother of his ex in court complaint accusing actor of reneging on his offer to pay for former girlfriend's funeral after fatal overdose

    'Dreams come true': Ireland Baldwin lands Guess modeling campaign... and sizzles in a sultry shoot for the label

    Conor McGregor causes a stir in Beverly Hills as he shops shirtless at Louis Vuitton... ahead of press tour with Floyd Mayweather

    Retire at 40? This should've been pensioned off after four minutes: CHRISOPHER STEVENS reviews last night's television

    Expectant mum Sam Faiers shares sweet video as she enjoys sunny park day with baby Paul... after 'turning down six-figure sum to keep second pregnancy private'

    Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo shows off newborn child with girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez while appreciating 'lovely moments'

    'Baby is fluttering away': Pregnant Ferne McCann proudly displays her sun-kissed bump in a skimpy bottle green bikini... as she insists she is 'so happy' on Mallorca getaway

    Ryan Phillippe looks dapper in a smart grey suit for Wish Upon screening while co-star Joey King sports bold jumpsuit


    Summer break! Heidi Klum takes time off from work as she joins her kids for a family outing in New York

    She's a keeper! Victoria's Secret Angel Izabel Goulart keeps goalie beau Kevin Trapp mesmerised in a barely-there bikini as they frolic on Mykonos beach

    A hiccup during her dream wedding: One of Julianne Hough's bridal buses ends up in a DITCH... but guests still get to the nuptials on time

    And he's off....! Orlando Bloom keeps it casual as he boards flight out of LA wearing cool camo jacket and stylish shades


    Yin to her yang! Karrueche Tran shows off taut tummy in black crop top as BFF Christina Milian stuns in white for gala in Miami

    Top of the crops

    They're high flyers! Katie Holmes and Cuba Gooding JR will star in Air New Zealand's new gravity-defying in-flight safety video

    Joining forces

    'All of a sudden motherf***ers are writing think-pieces': Jesse Williams opens up about divorce in video for Jay-Z's Footnotes For 4:44

    Ariel Winter, 19, dons Daisy Dukes with boyfriend Levi Meaden... after posting Jack Daniels bar snap

    The 19-year-old actress can legally consume alcohol in Canada where the drinking age is 18

    Jacqueline Jossa dazzles in a striking strapless gown as she changes into dress number two for her wedding reception with Dan Osborne

    That's no dad bod! Rob Lowe, 53, reveals toned physique as he paddleboards... after coming face-to-face with Bigfoot

    Lily Collins looks preppy in a backpack and summer dress for solo day in LA... as her decision to slim down for To The Bone is criticised by anorexia charities

    Raunchy Love Island couples have been 'sending each other explicit pictures in a series of X-rated SEXTS using villa's phones'

    'For once he didn't look smug': Love Island star Dom Lever reveals he had an awkward showdown with love rival Mike following Jess romp claims

    Rebel Wilson screams and waves her arms while filming dramatic scene for new romcom Isn't It Romantic

    Down to four! Rachel Lindsay narrows the field on The Bachelorette as she picks out finalists for hometown dates


    'I have proof, you liar!' Stephanie Davis accuses Love Island reject Shannen Reilly McGrath of liaison with Jeremy McConnell

    Sweet day! Kim Kardashian shows off her legs in leather SHORTS as treats face-painted North to a candy necklace and lollipop in NYC

    This is how we roll! Kristen Stewart and girlfriend Stella Maxwell drive around in the actress's beaten up Toyota pickup truck

    LL Cool J reaches out to former co-star Maia Campbell after disturbing 'drug video' surfaces... but actress refuses help

    In The House co-stars

    Sheer in St Tropez! Kourtney Kardashian's lace bra can be seen through tank top in flashback photo from trip to France with Younes, 24

    Doting father: Gordon Ramsay leaves LAX hand-in-hand with his youngest daughter Matilda as the chef lands in the US with Jack, Megan and wife Tana

    Coleen Nolan displays her make-up free complexion after telling Loose Women how sister Linda was targeted by hoaxers during her cancer battle

    The mane difference! Gerard Butler cuts a suave figure as he steps out at Ischia Film Festival... hours afer enjoying a day out sporting unruly hair

    'Me being extra(vagant)': Leggy Louisa Johnson frolics around in a pair of teeny denim hotpants as she steals a look at her peachy posterior

    Fresh faced flyer! Katherine Heigl, 38, flaunts her glowing complexion while touching down at LAX with mom

    Having a smashing time! Simon Cowell crashes golf buggy in Thorpe Park during hunt for ice cream sandwich

    Remind you of anyone? Spencer Matthews dyes his new buzz cut PEROXIDE BLONDE to match his best pal Jamie Laing... after they both choose to shave off their locks

    Lindsay Lohan skips brother Michael Lohan Jr.'s wedding to longtime girlfriend to work on top secret project

    Feel the burn! Arnie's boy Patrick Schwarzenegger works up a sweat during intense exercise session

    'I am hopeful now': Tamra Judge breaks down in Bible study over daughter on Real Housewives Of Orange County season premiere

    Summer fun! Alanis Morissette rocks blue one piece bathing suit with enjoying a beach day in Malibu with her family

    I'm so Fancy! Iggy Azalea showcases her famous physique in figure-hugging crop top and shorts as trouble surrounds album debut

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    Just a few days back, when Bhowmik was in wholesale halloween costumes a mall, a man walking past squeezed her biceps and walked away. ��Maybe that��s just another form of harassment, or maybe it was appreciation,�� she says.


    Over meat-loaded wholesale halloween costumes sandwiches, Bhowmik expresses her disdain for bikini competitions at bodybuilding championships, and schools me in the differences between a bodybuilding bikini and a normal one: the bodybuilding one is not meant to be swimwear, the material is different, the cut is different, the pant line is very high. But most Indian women bodybuilders can��t afford the more expensive sport-specific costume and go on stage wearing swimwear. It hurts Bhowmik��s aesthetic sensibilities, so she designs and gets her costumes cut herself.

    Then she wholesale swimwear speaks about the most painful part of her transformation into a bodybuilder. As her muscles began to grow, her parents, who had first dismissed her interest in working out as a passing fad, became increasingly alarmed.

    ��Every time I flexed, swimwear manufacturers my mom cringed,�� Bhowmik says. ��My parents tried very hard to stop me. They thought I was torturing myself. I could not explain to them that I actually liked what I was doing.��